Handmade Creatures

At events we often get the question where we have gotten our creatures, or why they are so expensive.
The answer is pretty simple: Everything we sell is designed and created by hand, by ourselves.

Every creature, from the simple Koploper to the most fluffy Plumetail has hours of blood, sweat and tears put into them.
Of course, we could send the patterns to a third party to create them cheaper on a larger scale, in order to cut back on the costs and time to create our supply, but then our creatures would lose their handmade properties. And these are the things that make them so unique in the first place!

The Mudhogg

The Swamplice

The Owlbear

All our creatures are build from scratch, designed with a little sketch. These sketches get iterated upon until a solid design appears, based on photos of existing animals and their primary features. We do this to create a semi realistic, but still imaginative fantasy creature.

The sketch is then taken to our sculpting booth, where we create a sculpture out of river clay to fine-tune all the proportions. Here we put extra care in the size of the ears, location for the eyes, the thickness of the legs and the balance between the other bodyparts.

With this sculpture we can do two things. We can use it to create accurate patterns for the creatures, or recreate the sculpture with another type of clay which we can bake in our ovens. This second sculpture is then used as a Master to make molds with.

Because of this process we can create many types of different creatures, ranging from soft and cuddly to hefty designer toys.