Live Entertainment for your Events

For years we have visited various events, such as Elfia or Castlefest, as regular guests having a good time. However, in 2017 we decided to do a little more and add to the liveliness and great mood at these events. This is why we can be found at Dutch events as The Traveling Beastmasters, entertaining the crowds!

During 2018 we have had the pleasure of entertaining the visitors at events such as the Mystical Fantasy Fair, Lemicon and the Christmas Fair Dragonheart. We would always get a great response out of the audience and the hosts of the events, while we performed for children of all ages with fun facts about the many creatures found in Davellir.

Our act, the Traveling Beastmasters, takes the audience on an informative journey where they learn all kinds of things about Plumetails, Mudhoggs, Minocra and many more creatures. They way they live, what they eat, where to give them the best kind of tickles, and all that!
Naturally we also offer the opportunity to ‘adopt’ one of the creatures we bring with us to these events, so that people in the crowd can take their own favorite creature home with them.

Are you interested in booking the Traveling Beastmasters for your event? Then please reach out to us today!